General Information - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Authorized items

  • Video and still-image cameras (images for personal use only);
  • Portable radios (you can tune in to Radio Grand Prix 99.1 FM and 104.5 FM);
  • Food (for personal use only);
  • Foldable chairs (General Admission);
  • Promotional items that do not disturb other spectators;
  • Strollers, walkers and wheelchairs;
  • Cigarettes, cigars, E-cigarettes and vaporizers are permitted on-site. However, in accordance to the tobacco control law, smoking is strictly forbidden in the grandstands, the suites terraces and enclosed areas;
  • Authorized coolers and bags must respect the following dimensions:
    Height: 22.8 cm (9 in)
    Length: 45.7 cm (18 in)
    Depth: 25.4 cm (10 in)
    Grandstand ticket holders must place their cooler or bag underneath their seats.

Forbidden Items

  • Alcoholic beverages purchased off-site
  • Ladders/stepladders;
  • Glass items;
  • Firearms, bladed weapons and any other dangerous object;
  • Parasols and other structures which may block other spectators’ view and/or constitute a threat to their safety;
  • Barbecues;
  • Electrical equipment that requires using a generator;
  • Drones;
  • Animals (except guide and service dogs).

The organizers reserve the right to ban any object of material which they deem to be hazardous

Your Tickets

Once you’ve bought your tickets, you’ll receive a different one for each day of the event. That means three tickets for the weekend or just one if you buy a single-day ticket. Even if you have tickets for the whole weekend, you will only be allowed on-site if you have with you the ticket for that day.

The buyer’s name may appear on the tickets, depending on how you decided to have your tickets delivered, but no identity check will be made at the gates.

Each ticket has a unique bar code that will be validated at the gate with an optical scanner. This prevents the use of duplicate and other counterfeit tickets to enter on-site.

Should you wish to leave the site and come back on the same day, you must have your ticket validated at the gate with an optical scanner as you leave. If you skip this step, you will not be allowed back on-site that day.

We recommend buying a souvenir lanyard and ticket-holder when you arrive on-site. That’s the best way to avoid losing your ticket.

To purchase tickets on-site, please visit the ticket office located near the Jean-Drapeau metro station.



Lost tickets

It is very important that you do not lose your ticket. However, if this should happen to you before the event, contact the ticket office by calling 514-350-0000.

Only the initial buyer may request a replacement ticket. The ticket office representative will verify the buyer’s identity.

Should you lose your ticket on-site, go see a Customer Service kiosk immediately. The representative on location will follow the necessary procedure.


Customer Service

Customer Service staff are always on hand to help you and answer your questions. They can be found at our various service booths:

  • At the site entrance, just after the Cosmos Bridge;
  • In the Senna Corner, between grandstands 11 and 12;
  • Near the beach, behind Grandstand 1;
  • At the Concorde Bridge exit;
  • In the Park Zone.

Customer service employees can help you with the following:

  • Located concession stands, booths and restaurants;
  • Supply an official schedule of the event;
  • Help with items lost on-site;
  • Help with seating issues;
  • Assist in issues involving other spectators;
  • Assist in case of accident or injury;
  • Help orient yourself around the site;
  • Assist if you are dissatisfied with a particular situation;
  • Assist with questions or comments.