On-Site Activities - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Family Grandstand

Family Zone

Located near the Family Grandstand (free for children under 15), the Family Zone offers activities that are suitable for families. A good way to occupy time between the on-track activities and enjoy the Grand Prix with your family!

Park Zone

Heineken Terrace

An oasis of rest and relaxation, the Heineken Terrace is located on the edge of a lagoon and offers its visitors the perfect place to refresh. Note that before accessing the terrace, the coolers and their contents must be left at the terrace entrance.

Park & Cosmos Zone

The Park & Cosmos zone is packed with kiosks and activities for everyone. Official merchandise booths and partners share the centre of the island and the Cosmos alley to offer visitors a selection of items and merchandise. In addition, the Park Zone is also home to the Monster Energy Compound, where you can witness acrobatic motocross exhibitions, fueled with adrenaline.

Beach Zone

The Beach Zone, located behind the Podium and Senna Suites complex, is accessible to all ticket holders and offers its visitors entertainment with DJ, beach games and a bar-terrace. Note that before accessing the Beach zone, coolers and their contents must be left at the entrance of the Beach Zone.


Support Races Paddocks

Accessible to all spectators, the support race paddocks, located behind Grandstand 15, allow visitors to take a closer look at the cars taking part in the support series. The perfect location to enjoy a walk between the on-track sessions and learn more about motorsport.


F1 ESPORTS is where fans can race against 15 other competitors on the Official F1 game on the Grand Prix du Canada track. We will have a daily battle of the 10 quickest drivers of the day with the prize of a F1 Paddock tour given to the winner.

Pitstop Challenge

The Pitstop Challenge gives six teams of six fans the chance to compete against each other in a kick out competition changing the Pirelli tires on a F1 car. A contest for the top six teams is held daily with a Paddock tour for the winning team.

Fitness Challenge

Drivers need to be all round, world class athletes to compete in Formula 1. In the Fitness Challenge, fans can learn how F1 drivers prepare to be in peak conditions for racing and complete several activities to see how fit they are in comparison to an F1 driver.

After completion of the activation, all participants will receive a social media shareable with their score of how F1 fit they are.

The person with the most likes on social media each day will be rewarded with a prize!

Reaction Challenge

Our F1 drivers have some of the quickest reaction speeds in the world. The F1 Reaction Challenge is a family activity where teams of four have to press as many of the flashing lights as possible on the F1 steering wheel in the space of 1 minute. The top team each day will be rewarded with a prize!