Media accreditation request form


Only for Canadian media, except TV broadcasters, international radio stations, press agencies and commercial photographers please read below. Please supply all of the requested information.


Credential requests limitation

  • Dailies: 5 individuals (reporters & photographers);
  • Weeklies: 3 individuals (reporter & photographer);
  • Magazines: (2 individuals including necessarily 1 reporter);
  • Radios and Websites (1 reporter).


Form and supporting documentation must be received no later than Friday April 19th, 2019, otherwise the application will be automatically rejected.


Supporting documentation

In order to judge your media credentials application, please forward the following supporting documentation by email or post (on a CD):

For all media

  • An official letter signed by the editor and/or media manager (PDF) written on the applicant’s letterhead. This letter must include the following information:
    • The name of the representative who will be covering the event and his title (journalist and/or photographer)
  • The photocopy of the official national press card of the representative who will be covering the event.
  • A passport type color picture clearly identified for all individuals to whom you wish a credential (JPG).

Dailies – Weeklies – Magazines

  • Information about the publication (such as circulation, readership, frequency etc).
  • Relevant articles published since the beginning of 2019 (PDF).
  • PDF files of material published following last year event.

Radio stations

  • Sound extracts of reports done since the beginning of 2019 (MP3).


  • Traffic figures with a geographical breakdown of user for the website (or if the site is not only dedicated to Formula 1, about the F1 section).
  • Evidence of publication on the website of news coverage of each Championship events in the previous seasons, together with the dates of the publication, correctly bye-lined. Blogs will not qualify for accreditation.



  • This application does not mean under any circumstances that the requested credentials will be awarded.
  • We will inform you no later than June 1st 2019, to confirm the credentials and explain how, when and where you should claim them.
  • It is useless to contact us prior to the above date to obtain a confirmation.
  • A notice will also be sent to the applicant if a request is rejected.
  • Each pass holder will have to sign the promoter’s waiver forms when he will be claiming his credential.


To obtain credentials, Canadian and international TV broadcasters, international radio stations, and commercial photographers must address their requests to:

Formula One Management ltd.
Accreditation Services
6 Princes Gate, London SW7
Tel. : +44 207 584 66 68
Fax : +44 207 589 21 91
[email protected] (TV and Radio)
[email protected] (commercial photographers)


To obtain credentials, international publications, wire agencies and websites must fill the FIA form available on their website: