Locker Rental - 3 days
Price $35 - $50
Locker Rental - 3 days

Smart lockers with USB chargers are available at three rental locations to store your belongings.

  • Enjoy your event freely while staying connected.
  • Charge your mobile devices quickly and securely.
  • Avoid the loss or theft of important personal items.
  • Plan for extra clothes in case of rain or heat, a cushion or even an umbrella.
  • Purchase items during the event without worrying about being cluttered.
  • Book directly online to avoid line up during the event.


Consider your grandstand when choosing the zone in which you wish to rent a smart locker:

Grandstands 1 – 11 – 12 – Platine                      Rent Senna Zone

Grandstands 31 – 34 – 41A – 47 – Family         Rent Park Zone

Grandstands 15 – 11 – 46 – Lance Stroll           Rent Hairpin Zone


You can choose between two locker options:

Standard locker with USB charger – $35

Height: 10.16 cm (4.5 in)
Length: 22.86 cm (9 in)
Depth: 35.56 cm (14 in)

Large locker with USB charger – $50

Height: 38.1 cm (15.3 in)
Length: 22.86 (9 in)
Depth: 35.56 cm (14 in)


Renting a smart locker for 3 days allows you to stock your belongings from the moment you arrive until the site closes on Sunday June 9th. It is allowed to leave your belongings overnight.

USB cables are not included with the rental but can be purchase at the premises.

You will be receiving a confirmation email from LOKnCHARGE following your purchase. A second email containing your locker number and pin will be sent five (5) days before the event.

  • Rent it for the entire weekend
  • USB Chargers