What we do - Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Clean Energy and Air Pollution

  • Carbon footprint reduction through green electricity.
  • Offset unavoidable emissions that remain on or off-site and on-site renewables.

On location and Year-round –

  • Solar panels store enough solar energy in one year to offset the energy costs required for the entire building during a Grand Prix event.
  • Hydro electricity powers all permanent buildings.
  • All scooters and vehicles used by marshals and other staff are electric.
  • The pit building including the garages is lit by LEDs inside and out.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Facilities and processes to support waste recycling.
  • Sustainable materials used for consumables including catering.
  • Water refilling stations.
  • Food waste donation or conversion to energy.

On location –

  • On site we recycle cans.
  • Waste management bins (garbage, recycling, and compost).
  • Food donations via a local charity called La Tablée des chefs. In 2022, we donated 15 096 kg of food which amounts to 50 318 meals.
  • We have created a digital version of the official program in order to give people access to the content in the program without the carbon footprint of the paper version.
  • Since 2015, corporate suites have completely removed single use plastic.
  • Since March 2023, the use of single use plastic is prohibited in Montréal.
  • Eco Cups are used during the event for cocktails and wine and beer is served in cans.
  • Water refill stations are available across the circuit for fans, marshals and team personnel.
  • We require our food concessions to compost organic waste, recycle recyclable materials, reduce water consumption and waste production. Also, containers, utensils and paper towels must be made of compostable materials.

Year-round –

  • Cardboard recycling.
  • Paper recycling.
  • Can recycling.
  • Since 2022, E-tickets are the only method of ticket distribution.

Cleaner fan travel to the event

  • Actively support cleaner routes for fans to reach the race.

On location –

  • Public transit is the only way for fans to access the circuit.
  • 100% of corporate guests carpool to the event.
  • Hybrid buses are used to shuttle fans to the pitlane walk on Thursday.

Year-round –

  • Promoter offices are accessible by public transit.

Circuit Greening and Fan Wellness

  • Focusing on fan wellness at track.

On location –

  • The event is located in a park.
  • There is a green terrace accessible to Paddock Club guests.
  • Oxygen funds.
  • We created terraces for guests which offer relaxing lounges and shaded areas.
  • Vegan / Veggie options are available at food concessions to reduce the ecological footprint and satisfy a greater number of customers.
  • Concessions are encouraged to propose local products.

Local Community engagement

On location –

  • Local employment/ employees.
  • Showcase of local university projects.
  • Some local community organizations benefit from the surplus food from the event, such as Le Chaînon and L’Abri d’Espoir which shelter and support women in difficulty as well as Provisions communautaires and Banque Alimentaire Chapi Chapo which help families and children in need. In addition, organizations that help people experiencing homelessness such as L’Abri de La Rive-Sud, Old Brewery Mission and Welcome Hall Mission also benefit from the surplus food.

Year-round –

  • Local employment/ employees.
  • Involvement with women’s rights organizations.
  • Employee volunteer time.
  • Involvement in local universities (panels, speakers, internships).